MUTU System Programme. Clinically Proven Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Approved by the NHS Apps Library

Feel better about your body
In just 12 minutes a day

The pre and postnatal wellbeing programme for mums

Feel better about your body In just 12 minutes a day

The pre and postnatal wellbeing programme for mums

Rated 4.8 on Trustpilot ⭐

£99 / Year for access
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In our NNUH NHS Clinical Trial, 98% said they “felt better about their body and what it was able to do” after using the MUTU Programme **

For results you can
feel and see...

Jacqueline MUTU System Programme results

Jaqueline, Mum of 2

11 months of MUTU

Adoude MUTU System Programme results

Adoude, Mum of 1

7 weeks of MUTU

Candice MUTU System Programme results

Candice, Mum of 2

2 weeks of doing MUTU

Stream medically approved, evidence-based workouts easily on any device

  • Safe for pregnancy
  • Perfect for post c-section or natural delivery
  • Results  you can see and feel, however long ago you had your baby!

After using
MUTU System


94 %
of MUTU mamas felt better
about their bodies *


97 %
of MUTU mamas could find
and engage their pelvic
floor muscles *


94 %
of MUTU mamas
healed their diastasis recti / separation of the stomach muscles *


92 %
of MUTU mamas found they leaked less urine *


88 %
of MUTU mamas saw an improvement in their Pelvic
Organ Prolapse *


89 %
of MUTU mamas said that
sex was less painful *
MUTU System Programme

MUTU System is the right fitness
programme for you if you want:

  • To lose weight

  • A flatter stomach and a slimmer waist

  • Better body confidence

  • No more leaking

  • Great sex without pain

  • Friendship and support in our private
    member's community

MUTU System Programme
94 %

Acclaimed by
medical experts

Dr Suruchi recommends MUTU System Programme

Dr Suruchi Kothari

MUTU System is a FANTASTIC platform to empower new mothers. This platform has demonstrated it can help women accurately perform the pelvic floor exercises and achieve results!

Dr Manisha Cooper recommends MUTU System Programme

Dr Manisha Cooper

As a GP it is really difficult to know where to point new and not so new mums for help with regards to all sorts of problems from abdominal and pelvic pain to incontinence, lower back pain or bowel or sexual issues. The principle behind MUTU is fantastic, it talks about our physical and mental well being and the programme covers diet, exercise and even how to bring your confidence back.

Camilla Lawrence recommends MUTU System Programme

Camilla Lawrence, B.SC (HONS) MCSP, MPOGP

“At last – a safe, fun, achievable and most importantly effective exercise program for Mums that really covers all the bases. MUTU really is a complete holistic package. My patients frequently go on to use it after they have finished treatment with me

What you get with
the MUTU System Programme

  • The MUTU Core Phases

    The 4 breath-by-breath guided and instructed real time videos of medically endorsed MUTU core and pelvic floor rehabilitation techniques – so you know you’re doing it right every time and getting results £499 value

  • The MUTU Intensives

    4 clearly instructed real time videos of no-impact, high intensity, core-safe, super-efficient workouts to strengthen, shape and tone your body £299 value

  • Private online community and full expert support

    Ask our trained MUTU team questions as you progress through the program, and connect personally with thousands of other MUTU Mamas, in our exclusive, entirely private forum. All the content and support you need in one, exclusive access membership site. This level of ongoing access and support directly with Wendy’s team is worth $1000s This level of ongoing access and personal support directly from our fully certified team is worth £ '000's

  • Alignment Masterclass video

    Clear demos and instruction on how to adjust your posture for optimal core and pelvic core recovery and function. How you sit, stand and move matters! £149 value

  • Pregnancy Modifications

    Clear guidance and instruction with video demos on how to adapt and modify workouts throughout pregnancy for comfort, strength and safety, Credible, trusted medical resources and referrals when you need them £99 value

  • Video coaching support

    Video coaching support from MUTU founder, Wendy Powell, to ensure you feel inspired, get the most of the program and stay motivated VIP personal coaching with Wendy would cost you £'00's per hour. You get it included!

  • Motivational Pick-You-Up

    We know when you may lose momentum or struggle with motivation. Video messages give you what you need, just when you need it £49 value

  • Personal online tracker and program hub

    Personal online tracker to keep yourself accountable.Updates in real time in your personal hub which remembers your progress every time you log in £99 value

  • Downloadable workout cheat sheets

    Print and keep for when you just need a reminder... and when youwant to just listen to your own tunes as you work out! £29 value

  • Food Guide

    The rules, inspiration and nutritional know-how you need to help you balance your hormones, prevent excess fat storage, get a flatter tummy, more energy, and healthier lifestyle £39 value

  • FAQ HQ

    All your questions answered, categorized for ease of use and super clear for reassurance and full understanding. An online vault of expertise and awesome information £299 value

  • Medical resources and specialist referral links

    Additional links to the medical education, research and expert information you need, from credible and trusted medical sources and professionals Potentially £ '000's in medical fees seeking the right help

…all in your one-stop
membership site!

MUTU System Programme | 90 day money back guarantee
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We offer a hassle-free 60-day money-back guarantee
MUTU System Programme trusted logo

You deserve the
dignity of a body that
works and makes you
feel good

£99 / Year for access on demand.
Spread the cost with Klarna

MUTU System is approved by the NHS Apps Library and has been trialled in an NHS University Hospital with incredible results. NHS Digital Assessors stated evidence of clinical benefits for symptoms including Diastasis Recti, incontinence, prolapse and painful sex, as well as mental well-being. More on MUTU Medical Evidence here

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