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About MUTU System

MUTU System is the body positive medically recommended online exercise programme for all mothers, helping
them gain confidence in how their body looks, works and feels.

MUTU has been helping Mums get healthier, fitter and stronger since 2009. Improving pelvic and
abdominal symptoms from ‘baby belly’ or diastasis recti to embarrassing leaks, painful sex or
prolapse symptoms, MUTU gives you back the body confidence you deserve.

MUTU System is the body positive medically recommended
online exercise programme for all mothers, helping
them gain confidence in how their body looks,
works and feels.

MUTU has been helping mums get healthier, fitter and stronger since 2009. Improving pelvic and abdominal symptoms from ‘baby belly’ or diastasis recti to embarrassing leaks, painful sex or prolapse symptoms, MUTU gives you back the body confidence you deserve.

We believe...

…that every woman deserves the dignity and pleasure of a body that works and that makes her feel good.

We believe women’s voices are needed today more than ever, and that far too many talented and brilliant female humans are being held back from becoming their best selves, by avoidable physical symptoms and low body confidence. Women are putting up with issues and feelings they shouldn’t have to, whilst striving for unrealistic ideals. We want to change this.

We inspire and lift women...

…to find empowerment, strength and self-love, where they previously experienced lack of control or body shame. Women of every ethnicity, religion, size, sexuality. shape, disability, family type and income are welcomed to our sisterhood without fear of judgment or exclusion.

Our Mission is...

to educate and empower millions more women around the world to restore dignity, function and confidence in and about their bodies so
that they can be all they want to be. Want to run, dance, row or climb? Want to laugh hard, make love with abandon, jump and feel like a
badass? Want to run your own business, your school PTA, a multinational enterprise, your household or your country? MUTU… So You Can

We achieve this…

…by always working to deserve our reputation as the go-to trusted authority on postpartum recovery and self-confidence.
We educate, guide, support and empower women with the techniques and strategies that will safely allow them to take control of the way their body works and feels.
Our brand is trusted by women around the world. Everyone that represents MUTU operates with integrity and authenticity, to continue to deserve that trust.

You MUTU… So You Can

Wendy Powell created MUTU System in 2009 with the mission of serving women better. A mum of two under-fives with already a decade of personal training experience.
About MUTU System - Meet The MUTU Team - Wendy Powell

“I knew that women were not getting what they needed postpartum from the fitness industry, the media and even the medical profession. I knew because my own experiences taught me with brutality, birth trauma and body shame, that we deserve better.

We deserve to understand what our bodies have been through. What has ‘gone on in there’ and how we must connect, trust and work with our bodies to recover and strengthen.

It’s hard work giving birth. We did good, however, we did it. But this rejection of our body for failing us is all too common. We look down at the stretch marks and the overhang and we feel like our insides are going to fall out when we go to the bathroom, and so we shut down. I know because I did it.

The disconnection we feel when we don’t like the way something feels, looks or works. ‘Down there’ doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t look like we want it to and we can’t control it. Our body leaks, or bulges, or hurts. We feel resentful and embarrassed, and so we disconnect.

It is the healing of this disconnection which forms the ‘secret sauce’ of the MUTU System program. MUTU is evidence-based, tested and endorsed, recommended by Women’s Health medical experts around the world. But it all starts with this missing link. The disconnect. We can’t fix what we don’t understand or love.

The reason I ‘get this’ and the reason I do this are because there was a time when I saw only weakness and failure in my own body. I made MUTU so you can see strength, power and beauty.”

Start your own MUTU System journey today and feel and see results for yourself in just 12 weeks

Start your own
MUTU System
journey today and
feel and see results
for yourself in just
12 weeks

About MUTU System | Meet The MUTU Team

Team MUTU Culture is collaborative,
inclusive, respectful and empowering.

Team MUTU Culture
is collaborative,
inclusive, respectful
and empowering.

Everyone is valued and takes responsibility and accountability for their role.

MUTU is a female-owned and largely female-run company. We operate a genuinely flexible and family-friendly working culture. The result is a dynamic and
diverse team of talent, commitment, passion and integrity. This team nurtures, builds and vigorously protects the brand whilst maintaining happy, fulfilled lives,
exceptional levels of work-life balance and job satisfaction.

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that values and promotes diversity in ethnicity, age, gender, identity, or sexual orientation. We want all our mamas to feel represented by MUTU – by our team and in all our products and messaging. This is ongoing “work in progress”,
and something we are continually striving to improve.

Meet the team!

MUTU Mama-In Chief

Fun Wendy Fact: Wendy kissed a Giraffe in Kenya – and discovered they have really long tongues.

Usually Found: Walking miles and miles with her little dog Maya and her big dog Doombar.

Mentor & Coach

Wendy’s business, development & speaking Mentor

Fun Lisa Fact: How they met: Lisa was the keynote speaker and signing books, and Wendy was winning an award at the same event.

Usually Found: Transforming lives from the stage… or in the water!

Executive Support

The guy who holds it all together

Fun Ian Fact: He swam the English Channel with his school swim team in 1987.

Usually Found: Running with the dog or playing golf (badly)

Wendy’s Wingwoman

Master of gatekeeping, Wendy-logistics & generally supporting her little sister behind the scenes.

Fun Gail Fact: She once abseiled down the tallest building in Manchester.

Usually Found: In Tree Pose.


Keeper of numbers, all-round finance genius and first port of call for our MUTU Pros.

Fun Maxine Fact: Pipping Elton to the post, she’s been playing the piano since the age of 3!

Usually Found: Lifting heavy stuff in the gym


Queen of spinning multiple MUTU plates and getting s**t organised!

Fun Emily Fact: This badass gal once completed the London marathon for charity

Usually Found: Bimbling around the countryside on a horse.

Tech & Digital Marketing

Creator of all MUTU tech magic.

Fun Melodie Fact: She’s got mad hooping skills, and was a professional hula-hooper before entering the world of tech.

Usually Found: Windsurfing or mountain-climbing.

Suruchi, MD 
Clinical Advisor

Our medical world insider.

Fun Suruchi Fact: She’s visited 25 countries so far, with more to come!

Usually Found: Painting. It’s where she gets her best ideas.


Those Facebook ads that make you go “how did they know?” – that’s this guy.

Fun Mike Fact: He’s visited 19 different countries and been skydiving over 400 times!

Usually Found: Jumping out of planes or hiking through the rainforest.


Keeping the MUTU boat on course!

Fun Sandra Fact: She’s a scuba diver!

Usually Found: Cuddling her scary-looking but totally soft dog.

Customer Services

Spreading happiness and fixing customer problems is her game.

Fun Eve Fact: Eve’s other hat is Zumba Instructor!

Usually Found: Playing violin and shakin’ her booty in Zumba class. 


Writing copy rocks her world.

Fun Kay Fact: She once swam with penguins in the wild.

Usually Found: Underwater, snorkelling or scuba-diving.


Makes everything she touches look gorgeous

Fun Silvana Fact: Our girl is a pole fitness enthusiast, and bilingual.

Usually Found: Holding impossible-looking moves upside down on the pole.


Keeper of the brand and all things beautiful. Certain fonts make her twitch.

Fun Louise Fact: She can hang numerous spoons from her face and ears.

Usually Found: Outdoors with her family, friends and dog.


As if by magic, makes the tech stuff happen.

Fun Amy Fact: She’s an explorer and travel addict.

Usually Found: Biking, climbing up rocks, or doing yoga.

Connect Community

Nurturer, motivator and spreader of MUTU Love. The heartbeat of our community.

Fun Nicole Fact: She doesn’t listen to the radio in the car. She owns all 7 Harry Potter audio books and just keeps them on a loop.

Usually Found: Cheerleading in MUTU Connect or listening to Harry Potter on repeat.

Business Development

Helping MUTU make a difference for women working in other businesses

Fun Ginny Fact: She has been swimming with dolphins, sharks, and is now aiming for whales.

Usually Found: Running in the woods with Lolly the dog, or drinking too much gin with the girls.


This girl is a total team player, getting stuck in and helping all MUTU departments.

Fun Amy Fact:  She has a black belt in Taekwondo. 

Usually Found: Watching her team Exeter Chiefs play rugby.

Giving Back

We donate 5% of our profits to
Equality Now and Microloan Foundation.
We are also a corporate Sponsor for Motivating the Teen Spirit.

We are passionate about women and girls’ equality.
We are body positive and pro-choice for all women and girls.
We will continue and grow our contribution to fighting mother and child
poverty, lack and abuse through our support of
empowering, non-partisan grassroots women’s charities
around the world.

Accessible to All

At MUTU System we are a stand for representation and inclusivity.
Ensuring that all
mothers feel empowered and welcome in our
global MUTU family is at the
heart of everything we do.

Our tens of thousands of delighted customers enable us to make an
entry level of support
available to all women, offering a taster
of MUTU for free. Our free ‘MUTU Taster Series’ is part of our
mission to reach as many women as
possible with credible, helpful
and accessible

The Corporate Stuff

Our HQ is based in beautiful Cornwall UK, and our US business is based in Delaware, USA. Our email address for all enquiries is
[email protected]

MUTU System Limited (UK) and MUTU System (US) Inc. are wholly owned subsidiaries of MUTU Holdings. MUTU Holdings Limited is
registered in England and Wales, company number 08140536. Our registered office is at Chy Nyverow, Newham Road, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2DP United Kingdom

MUTU® and MUTU So You Can® are Registered Trademarks in the USA, Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom.
Copyright Notice here

See full Terms and Conditions here

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