Is It Too Late? A MUTU Grand-Mama's Story | MUTU System
Fiona Crump | A MUTU Grand-Mama's Story | MUTU System

Is It Too Late? A MUTU Grand-Mama’s Story

At MUTU System, we are often asked: “is it too late”. 

Mums who had their babies one year ago are worried it is too late. 

Mums whose children are now at school are worried it is too late. 

Mums who now have grandchildren are worried it is too late. 

The great news is, it is never too late to make a difference, to get a stronger lower back, a more optimally functioning core and pelvic floor, and a flatter stomach.
It is never too late to feel better about yourself and your body. Your abdominal muscles are just like any other muscles. They sit and wait when they are not being used. They don’t go anywhere, nor do they lose their ability to work. They just get weak.

MUTU System shows you how to reconnect and restore long-forgotten muscles, how to realign your posture, and train your core and pelvic floor muscles to work optimally.
It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your baby – MUTU can help


Fiona has two daughters who are both in their thirties, and now she also has two granddaughters.

She has spent the last 20 years working as a counsellor, coach, and training facilitator. Yellow Dot Women allows her to focus on working with women who want to achieve their full potential and to live a balanced and fulfilled life. 

This blog is about Fiona’s own MUTU experience.
Unedited. Uncensored. Unprompted. 


Fiona Crump with her Grand Daughters | MUTU System

Is it too late?

Today, with a disconcerting mix of excitement and trepidation, I logged on to MUTU System for the first time.

I’m probably not the typical MUTU mum.  For a start, it is 32 years since I last gave birth and my two wonderful daughters now each has a daughter of their own.  To say I have left this a bit late is something of an understatement, however, I don’t believe it is too late. I don’t believe it is ever too late for anything.

About me 

I am a confident, capable, middle-aged woman.  I work hard, run two businesses, have great friends and like to challenge myself.  But somehow, in amongst all of that, I have left my body behind. I have been significantly overweight for most of my adult life and, as I get older, I am really beginning to feel it.

Over the years I have alternately ignored my body or been at war with it.  I have bought into the idea of “battling” with my weight, of “fighting the flab”.  I have bullied my body into exercise it wasn’t ready for, abused it for not complying and deprived it of the love it deserved.  Not anymore. The war is over. I have declared a truce.

My marvellous body 

The reality is that my body is marvellous.  It has grown two whole other human beings and delivered them safely into the world.  My legs walked me 500 miles across Northern Spain when I asked them to. My arms have rocked two generations of babies to sleep.  When my body and I work together there is nothing we can’t do. Now it is time for me to do something for my body.

It is true that my body is saggy and baggy and some toning would be a kindness.  My back aches most mornings so strengthening my core would ease the pain. At the moment I don’t even know where to find my diastasis recti but I suspect I don’t have enough fingers to measure the gap!  And yes, I’m going to go there, my body is at times a little leaky. I wish I was just talking about menopausal tearfulness but it’s also a long time since I could safely sneeze without crossing my legs.  When I compare notes with some of my friends it seems that I’m not too bad in that department but I’m not sure any amount of leakiness needs to be accepted as normal, so I’m going to tackle that too.

Fiona Crump | Is it too late? A MUTU Grand-Mama’s Story | MUTU System

MUTU System 

Today I logged onto MUTU system for the first time because I am being kind to my body.  Wish me luck – I’ll bring the determination myself.

 Ready to become a MUTU Mama or Grandmama?

Join over 60,000 mums from around the world and sign up today for Instant access. 


Enjoy control and confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels.
No more embarrassing leaks or discomfort.

You deserve better and you can have it with MUTU System – the
medically endorsed 12 week online recovery programme for mums.

* Of 906 women surveyed

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