MUTU Taster Series Taster Challenge | MUTU System
MUTU Taster Series Challenge | MUTU System

MUTU Taster Series Challenge

We are so excited to announce the first ever MUTU Taster Series Challenge!

Did I mention that it’s FREE! Yep you heard that right, FREE!

A taste of what our nearly 60,000 MUTU mamas get lifetime access to once they join our award winning postnatal recovery online programme. We want to show you what it’s like on the inside and why our MUTU mamas love it so much! 

What You Will Get in Your MUTU Taster Series Challenge?

  • Daily accountability from yours truly – I am a MUTU mama just like you! 
  • A taste of what the MUTU System is all about (core and intensive workouts included)
  • Mini challenges throughout the 10 days to help you make progress and feel results
  • Motivation, empowerment and guidance, every step of the way
  • Vital education pieces
  • Live video coaching + Q&A
  • 10 days of support from your very own certified MUTU Pro (that’s me!)
  • Plus a few special guests along the way!
  • oh yeah…and PRIZES 🎁

How it Works 

It’s simple! After you sign up, we will send you an invite to the private Facebook group before the challenge starts on January 6th 2020. In this group you will have your very own MUTU Pro guiding you through the 10 day MUTU Taster Challenge (that’s me)! All you have to do is sign up, show up and then let me handle the rest! I got you, girl! 

Together we will maintain small attainable daily goals so you can get a taste of just how awesome the MUTU System truly is! For 10 whole days you will have me all to yourself! Your personal MUTU Pro to answer all of those burning questions AND guide you along the way so you can have a STRONG start to your 2020! First things first we will tackle diastasis recti and proper breathing and engaging techniques. Valuable pieces to the puzzle you won’t want to miss!

The more the merrier…pass this along to your friends to have an accountability partner during this epic 10 day series! If you have been wondering about this programme or suffering with any of the symptoms below we would love to have you join us! Let’s start 2020 with a bang mamas! 

Say no to:


❌Painful or uncomfortable sex!

❌Core weakness!

❌Low body confidence!

❌Diastasis recti 

Don’t miss this one time opportunity to check out the MUTU System with guidance from a MUTU Pro and have all of those burning questions answered! 

Click the link below to sign up for this FREE MUTU Taster Challenge and we can’t wait to meet you on the inside!

Enjoy control and confidence in how your body looks, works, and feels.
No more embarrassing leaks or discomfort.

You deserve better and you can have it with MUTU System – the
medically endorsed 12 week online recovery programme for mums.

* Of 906 women surveyed

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