Supporting Frontline & NHS Heroes - MUTU SYSTEM

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Supporting Frontline & NHS Heroes

We have never been more grateful to our NHS frontline workers as we are right now. 

Working tirelessly with dignity, professionalism and pride, risking everything to help others, is what Emergency Services do every day, But in the current global health crisis, you have stepped up as Heroes to protect our communities and our families. We appreciate you so much.

First responders and those in the military dedicate their lives to helping and saving others. MUTU wants to thank you for everything you do, by making it easier to achieve dignity, function and strength through our medically trusted at-home programme for all mothers.

To show our appreciation, MUTU System is proud to offer an exclusive 25% discount on all programme purchases to the Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces through the Blue Light Card. 

Log in to your Blue Light Cards account and search ‘MUTU System’ to grab your code!

Get instant access to the NHS Apps Library approved MUTU System Programme.
Move through motherhood with confidence, symptom-free and trust in your body.

* Of 906 women surveyed

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