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NHS and private Doctors, Surgeons, Midwives, and Physiotherapists recommend MUTU System. You’re in the right place, and there’s plenty you can do to gain more control and really make a difference to how you feel physically and emotionally since having your baby.

Now, what do you need help with?

MUTU System Free NHS taster series

Leaking, pain, discomfort
‘down there’?

“I leak when I sneeze or run”
“Down there doesn’t feel right”
” Have I got a prolapse? ”
” Sex hurts! “

MUTU System Free NHS taster series

Unhappy with your
post-baby tummy?

“ Why does my tummy look like this? ”
“ What can I do to flatten my
tummy again? ”

“ Have I got DR? ”

Start making changes today. Sign up to the

Start making changes today.
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MUTU System Taster Series

This video is part of a free and exclusive video series to help you understand your post-baby body,
learn what to do next, how to reconnect and where to begin.

*we always recommend you check with a medical professional before doing any exercise.

MUTU System pack shot

How can the MUTU System programme help you?

We’ll empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to feel more in control of how your body looks, feels and functions. We’ll guide you step by step through 12 weeks, so you know what to do to stop leaks, heal your diastasis recti and reconnect
with your body again.

94% of women* who completed MUTU felt better about their bodies and what they are able to do. Ready to feel better about your body?

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