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Instant Access to your beautiful mobile friendly 12-module online programme for at-home use including:

  • MUTU Core workout videos – fully guided and instructed real time videos of core and pelvic floor rehabilitation techniques
  • MUTU Intensive workout videos – clearly instructed real time videos of no-impact, but high intensity, DR-safe, efficient workouts to strengthen, shape and tone
  • Alignment Masterclass video and resources
  • Motivational videos and optional text & email alerts to keep you on track
  • Unrivalled professional support from the MUTU team
  • 24/7 access to your exclusive MUTU Mamas Community forum, where your dedicated Community Manager is on hand to answer all your questions
  • Regular Connect Chat videos – featuring helpful tips and educational topics
  • Digital online progress tracker and journal
  • Pregnancy and Prolapse Modification videos
  • MUTU Food guide – healthy and family friendly
  • Medical resources and links

MUTU is specifically designed to fit into a busy mums schedule.

MUTU Core workouts take just 12 minutes every day.

MUTU Intensive workouts take around 22 minutes (3 times a week).

You should start to feel the difference after 4 modules and really start to see changes within 6-8 modules. The more mindfully and consistently you follow the programme, the quicker and more noticeable your results will be!

906 women who had completed the MUTU System programme took part in an anonymised clinical survey in October 2018 and the results speak for themselves:
  • 94% of women who experienced symptoms of diastasis of the recti, separation of the stomach muscles, reported an improvement.
  • 97% who were previously unable to, were successfully able to locate and engage their pelvic floor muscles.
  • 92% of women who experienced bladders symptoms including urinary leakage reported an improvement.
  • 88% of women who experienced symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse reported an improvement.
  • 94% of women felt an improvement in how they able felt about their body and what it is able to do.
  • 89% of women who experienced sexual symptoms; pain/discomfort during/after intercourse reported an improvement.
Pretty great stats right? No exercise routine can or should guarantee to ‘heal’ or ‘fix’ every situation though. In a small number of cases of severely compromised and weakened core, surgery may be required for correct function and stability to be restored. Diastasis recti is a result of an ineffective and weakened core causing excessive intra abdominal pressure. A focused postpartum core restoration programme such as MUTU will benefit your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor and aid recovery even when surgery is deemed necessary. You can read more about surgery and MUTU here.
Everyone is different but the first Core Phase is generally safe to start in the early days after birth. The daily walk will aid circulation and healing so start as soon as you feel able. You should wait a minimum of 6 weeks following an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, and at least 10 weeks following a c-section or any birth complications, before commencing any Intensive workout. (MUTU Intensives begin in Module 3). Always seek medical approval from your doctor before starting any exercise programme after childbirth and read our Medical Disclaimer.

It’s never too late to make a difference – to get a stronger lower back, a more optimally functioning core and pelvic floor, and a flatter stomach. It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your last baby – MUTU can help.

We offer a 60-day, 100% Money-back guarantee.

Full information here.

Create your login details when you purchase MUTU System at checkout, then go here to log in to or reset your password on the MUTU Mamas membership site.

Please allow a few minutes after purchase before trying to log in so we can set up your account.

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